The Space Between

200 hour yoga, meditation, + breathwork training

A Deep Dive Like You've Never Seen Before.

This immersive training is a huge commitment that isn't for the faint of heart. It's a fully integrated program that teaches you the deeper layers of leadership, finding your voice, and deepening your relationship with self through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual learnings.



Study a deeper version of your asana practice through posture clinic, practice teaching, and anatomy training. Teachings will include power yoga, restorative yoga, modifications, assists, etc.



Dive into guiding and experiencing different modalities of meditation. Find the practice that integrates best with your life and learn how meditation impacts your neuroscience. 



Feel yourself fully using breath work practices to activate your body. Learn how to create a desired state of being through using your nervous system as a tool. 



Understand the science of movement practice and how different postures affect the body systems. Apply this sequencing, injury prevention, and daily functional necessity.

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Feel seen, loved, heard, and uplifted by the people that care about your experience and take notice of the little things. 

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Leadership Training

Investigate your triggers and learn to balance your emotions. Expand into new leadership skills through emotional intelligence, advanced communication, and holding space.  

*dates are subject to change with notice

Sessions are Saturday's + Sundays from 11am-6pm with some weekends off.

Week 1: Pausing

Jan 15th + 16th

Week 2: Observing

Jan 22nd + 23rd

Week 3: Reflecting

Jan 29th + 30th

Week 4: Understanding

Feb 5th + 6th

Week 5: Expanding

Feb 12th + 13th

Week 6: Seeing

Feb 26th + 27th

Week 7: Integrating

March 19th + 20th

Week 8: Implementing

March 26th + 27th

Week 9: Reinforcing

April 2nd + 3rd

Week 10: Loving

April 9th + 10th

Week 11: Offering

April 23rd + 24th

Week 12: Being.

April 30th + May 1st

2022 Round has Begun - 
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This is your opportunity to find yourself...differently.

Here we are.


A new day, a new moment, but completely lost in the whirlwind of what life actually looks like.

Pre Covid; we burned ourselves out.

Covid; we paused and asked bigger questions.

Post Covid; _________.

What is in that blank for you? Have you learned new habits, practices, and ways of being that can carry over? Or are you back in the rat race of thinking you have to keep chasing your life down to feel enough? 

Do you want to know what the secret to living your absolute best life?

Never stop learning. 


...about yourself, about your truth, about the ever changing life that you get to live, about the seasons that change you, about the past that has supported you, and about the future you get to experience from a lens of curiosity. 

This 200hr Yoga, Breathwork, + Meditation Training program is designed to bring you back to the most important person in the room: you. Through personal development, yoga, meditation, rituals, anatomy, and self-study, you will uncover a part of yourself that you never knew existed. 

You'll complete this program. Transformed.

Space in training program is limited and participants are selected based on an application approval process.

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Meet your Guest Lecturers

Ashley Shubert has been facilitating trainings for over 7 years. Her specialty is being able to take complex information and simplify to make a succinct, clear, concise learning experience while being able to speak into all types of learning styles.

Her advice for this training: 

"Be all in. You will always get back what you put forward and each moment carries something beautiful that will leave gentle footprints on your heart of the trail you've blazed."

Lead Facilitator

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The Space Between is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.



Maverick Community

Playa Vista, CA





Ashley Shubert is a coach, yoga therapist, meditation instructor, and entrepreneur. Her teachings are rooted in mindfulness and accountability through work of the mind, body, and soul. She believes that every person is born with access to what's needed in order to thrive in their life, and that sometimes, we need help to find what those tools are and how to use them properly. 

She has been leading in this work for over 10 years with education and certifications that span from movement practices and physical anatomy, somatic experiencing and trauma informed teachings, and the neuroscience of meditation. 

Her mission is to see people living their truth, not a "perfect" version of themselves, but instead a full version of themselves with resiliency, grit, and gentleness - all at the same time. 

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