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A container to come home to your most intuitive feminine Self

Deep Sensuality

2-week women's intensive into your body

A home you've been craving.

unleashing the power of the feminine inside requires a dismantling of the wounded little girl inside that clenches to control, protection, righteousness, and resistance

when is the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and just saw YOU instead of the things "wrong" with you?


are you ready to let go of making your body temple a battle ground?


have you been feeling called to listen to the wisdom that lives in your body but aren't sure how?


are you done feeling unmet, unseen, and unworthy?

to release the need to be validated in order to become your whole self is the key to your freedom 😧

but a part of you already knew that.

what part you ask?

ENTER, intuition.

January 18th - 28th

Tuesdays - Jan 16th & 23rd - 6-8:30pm PST - on zoom

Sundays - Jan 21st & 28th - 12:30-3:30pm PST - in person in LA

HYBRID program

half streamed live on zoom | half in person

somatic practices - sensual movement - intuition amplification - body wisdom

- sound expression - womb intelligence - sexual desire



Expand your capacity through giving your system healthy ways to release debilitating emotions such as anxiety, grief, anger, fear, and more through specifically designed movement practices


Evolve and rewire the way your mind works by spending intention to train it towards patience, calm, non-reaction, peace, and overall better decision making


Learn ancient pranayam breathwork techniques to support in amplifying your vitality and balancing your systems in becoming more attuned and better functioning


Relish in a delicious and soothing body sensing meditation that takes your consciousness into the void of space and rest, naturally bringing your systems into harmony


Move gently, slowly, and subtly as you allow your body to completely surrender into a restorative yoga sequence that taps you into the delight that is taking it slow

The Details



Dec 13th-24th



each practice is streamed live

recorded classes available to enjoy on-demand



tues dec 12th, 6pm &

thurs dec 21st @ 11am PST


Entry to online circle community to reflect, share, and interact with other participants in the program 🤗

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Foot Tracks on Sand

Your Modules

Rest as Medicine

Live Lecture #1

Tuesday, Dec 12th 6-7pm

Sensuality & Intuition

Live Lecture #2

 Thursday, Dec 21st 11am-12pm

Day 1 -

Somatic Movement Practices with Ashley S

Wednesday, Dec 13th

Day 2 -

Radiating Joy Meditation with Julia

Thursday, Dec 14h

Day 3  -

Dripping in Bliss Relaxation Meditation with Xavianca

Friday, Dec 15th

Day 4 -

Expanding Energy Breathwork with Ashley D

Saturday, Dec 16th

Day 5 -

Sound Healing with Xavianca

Sunday, Dec 17th

Day 6 -

Gentle Movement & Somatic Practices with Julia

Monday, Dec 18th

Day 7 -

Cosmic Sky Evening Meditation with Brianne

Tuesday, Dec 19th

Day 8 -

Releasing Heaviness Breathwork with Ashley S

Wednesday, Dec 20th

Day 9 -

Deeply Revived Meditation with Ashley D

Thursday, Dec 21st

Day 10 -

Tracking Sensation Meditation with Karlyn

Friday, Dec 22nd

Day 11 -

Oceanic Endless Self Love Sadhana with Ashley S

Saturday, Dec 23rd

Day 12 -

Somatic Restorative Yoga with Ashley S

Sunday, Dec 24th

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xavi copy.jpg

streamed live daily on zoom      |       recorded for viewing at your pace


The Live Lectures.

lectures are on zoom and recording is available for participants post session

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Rest as Medicine:

the journey of healing through doing less

Tuesday, Dec 12th 6-7pm PST

Sensuality & Intuition: 

letting your inner guidance system lead your outer expression

Thursday, Dec 21st 11am-12pm PST

imagine everything lighter☁️

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If we don't take time for our wellness now,

we will have to take time for our illness later.

Your Facilitators


Ashley Shubert

facilitation & meditation lead

somatic experiencing coach

yoga therapist rx

juju yoga.jpeg

Julia Saidnia

facilitation & meditation colead

yoga instructor

dharma coach

Group Leads

xavi copy.jpg

Ashley Draklich

ASW program director

meditation/yoga instructor

Karlyn Seidner

ASW team lead

meditation instructor

Brianne Tolp

ASW Team lead

meditation instructor

Xavianca Horne

ASW team lead

sound healing & meditation teacher

What is this buzz about "somatic" work?

Let's simplify.

SOMA means "of the body"

Many of us walk around with our bodies, but don't actually live inside of them.

You already know this, your body is carrying your entire lifetime inside. Your memories, your tension, your wounds, your wins, your unmet needs, your conquers, your previous and current relationships, and everything in between. 

Oftentimes when you react to something,

you aren't even reacting to the actual thing that is happening -

but instead an old core memory of a pattern your body has always reacted with based on keeping you safe.

TG our system will always try to do this for us -
thank you thank you thank you, nervous system. 

But that doesn't always mean our initial response is the healthiest for us long term even if it served a purpose at one point in our life.

Enter Somatic Experiencing Practices.

This work, this program - is here to reestablish your listening to how your inner world responds to the outer world. Using specific techniques and practices, somatic work encourages a more attuned relationship to our inner body's senses, subsequently giving us access to hearing our internal cues quicker and easier.

It offers a reset to your barometer on the things that should and shouldn't be terrifying, anxiety provoking, nourishing, exciting, or soul crushing in your life - based on expanding your bandwidth and capacity in a healthy and gradual way.
Here, you can surrender more into the fullness of peaceful moments,
where the medicine is contentment and presence.

The Benefits

☁️ learn to better manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, subsequently burning out less

☁️ establish a foundational relationship with your body and it's signals so you can take better care of yourself in real time

☁️ experience your inner world as a guidance system with an amplified voice

☁️ optimize your vitality by making your restorative practices go further

 ☁️ build relationships with like-minded individuals who prioritize mindfulness and well being in a community that fosters consistency, accountability, and authentic connection

☁️ grow your self esteem and self confidence through the natural action of being accountable to care for oneSelf

☁️ let go of complaints and negative thought patterns naturally as you put your energy towards a worthy task of committing to something bigger than yourself

Your Community

Feel invited to a safe space where you can explore your healing journey with powerful and supportive reflection

laptop phone ipad 12 days (3).png
laptop phone ipad 12 days (4).png

It's time to step back from the demands of your life for a moment...

and consider what it would be like to walk the talk of real self care that is impactful and consistent.

Sign Up

Get the good good.

Unlimited Meditation Membership -


-unlimited access to program videos forever

-unlimited access to entire platform of hundreds of on-demand breathwork, meditation, yoga nidra, somatic practices, and personal development classes

-unlimited access to stream live zoom breathwork, meditation, yoga nidra, somatic practices, and personal development classes daily 

-entry to circle community platform

*FREE access to 12 Days of Somatic Self Love Program included with membership

12 Days of Somatic Self Love Program-


-unlimited access to class videos on livestream or on-demand

-unlimited access to watch livestream or on-demand live lectures

-entry to circle community platform

*Accessible only Dec 13-24th

What if I miss a day or fall behind?

Start with grace. Making space for Self Love and a better relationship with ourself takes time and requires building trust. Come back into the "WHY" in your commitment and start again.

Do I need to attend classes and lectures live every time?

Not at all! You can take classes anytime, at your leisure. Everything is recorded and posted right after so you'll have access in real time! You will also have access to the online circle portal to hold yourself accountable to showing up for yourself each day.

What if I want to cancel my meditation membership at the end of the program?

Cancellations and changes in membership type require 30 day notice prior to next billing cycle. Example: If it's the 15th of the month and billing cycle is the 20th, billing will take place that month and cancellation will occur for the following billing cycle. 

Can I do this program if I've never meditated or done breathwork before?

Yes, this program is all levels and meets you as a human with a nervous system, addressing your body-mind-soul connection as a holistic garden that encourages rest and well being.

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