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a core values immersive program

The low-down:

Live In-Person Workshop

Begin this immersive program with a 4-hour in person, live workshop. During this training, we will take a deep dive into our core values based on what we think to be most important and start to narrow down the excess and consolidate the ones that will make the highest impact. 

Saturday, November 5th 


Los Angeles

(this workshop will be streamed for non-local participants)


The Commitment: SNAP SHOT

Let's cut to the chase.

*Please note all classes can be taken in the form of recordings at a different time

Saturday, Nov 5th


Live In Person Workshop

(livestream for non-local participants)

Spend a day digging into the things that are important to you and how to uncover which ones to consolidate and which ones to ponder to set up the process of the work.

Nov 8th-21st


Tuesday, November 29th


Two Week Virtual Challenge

❣️ Daily Observation Practice & Journaling Prompt

❣️ Daily Meditation

❣️ x3 Weekly Yoga Nidra
(yogic rest) Practice

❣️ Unlimited Community Support & Accountability

❣️ Small Group for Shared Experiences

❣️ x3 Group Coaching Calls with Team

Post-Program Workshop

Reflect on your accomplishments and learn your action items moving forward to implement with ease and self-restructure as needed in the future.


✔️ unlimited access to all live in person, livestream, and previous recorded classes from movement, meditation, breathwork, and more

✔️ access to WhatsApp chat for shared experience

✔️ forever relationships that will change your life

✔️ the opportunity to deeply know yourself (priceless)

✔️ the greatest goodie bag with products to support your journey

The Brands

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The Results


"These challenges are my favorite way to step out of my comfort zone and learn the most about myself.  Checking in with my inner voice helped me realize how many limiting beliefs I had about what I was capable of.  Committing to these challenges showed me if I want something different, I’m capable of something different.  We can grow through what we go through."

-Xavianca Horne

Your Facilitators


Hi! I'm Ashley. I am humbled to lead this community in all of the beautifully powerful and transformative work that we get to do together. Supporting people in a format that allows for vulnerability, truth, and imperfection is something that is important to me. Because of this, I've committed to creating a non-judgemental space of unconditional love and heart centered work for all of us to thrive and feel.


Through many years of study, I have always had a deep passion for the work of core values as it's been a helpful tool for me during both my darkest and lightest days. I look forward to being able to grow together through this program.


Hello, I'm Kar! I've been on this spiritual journey for almost 3 years now - and it all started when I began taking an honest inventory of my life - who do I surround myself with, how do I spend time, and is there a gap between where I am and where I want to be. These inquiries have led me to the work, this community, and a deep desire to hone in on my core values.


My core values are the north stars that help me make decisions and constantly allow me the opportunity to up-level my life. I am excited to help facilitate these conversations with others who may be asking themselves the same questions and to see what else comes to the surface.


Hello everyone, Julia here. I've been the right-hand to this community since the day it was born and it's my one of my most impactful and favorite part of growth, life, and fun. Being surrounded by so many people with common foundations and dedication to their evolution is the reason why I love showing up every day. 


I feel so grateful to be able to be a part of the team on this program and share with you something that has been a path of self-study for me over many years. With a background in HR and recruiting, my love language is people and anything I can do to offer an even more clear path for them to flourish.

Do I need to attend classes and coaching sessions live every time?

Not at all! You can take classes anytime, at your leisure. Everything is recorded and posted right after so you'll have access in real time! You will also be put in a small group to hold yourself accountable to showing up for yourself each day.

What if I miss a day or fall behind?

Stop being so hard on yourself. New habits take time to create. Come back into the "WHY" in your commitment. Organize your time each day so you can prioritize what is important to you and surrender to the rest.

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