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Glow UP.

the ongoing work.

Group Coaching

mini retreat

✨ In Person: come together in the flesh in community and share a sacred space for the work

Mini Retreat: receive an immersive day of learning, understanding, interacting, and growing that feels like a complete reset

✨ Relationships: invest your time in a room with like-minded people and develop long term relationships

✨ Required Reading: offerings to keep your mind up and soul nourished

✨ WhatsApp support group for consistent connection with community

Sunday, July 30th


Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica, CA 

12401 Wilshire Blvd #101, Los Angeles, CA 90025

We already know you're a baddie....

🫡 Yes, your schedule is tight.

🫡 Yes, you probably have financial scarcity around investing in yourself because at a deep level you somehow got confused as to where your biggest ROI is (duh, it's yourself).

🫡 Yes, you have access to a million and one different programs, videos, podcasts, and books.

🫡 Yes, you likely feel the pressure of our culture and all the *things* going on that demand your attention right now, faster.

🫡 Yes, your friendships, career, family, intimate life, hobbies, and self-care are all tugging on your heart strings saying "give me more of you".

Yet, still, YES, you need you on your own team more than ever.


Awaken your inner truth.

Listen up, sis.

know that you were meant for a freaking beautiful life. I also know there are moments you believe that and moments you don't. 

I have found that the more we show up for ourselves, inquire, and investigate the path of sweet freedom and forgo self-abandonment, the better the quality of our moments, breaths, and heart-centered experiences can be.

You already know this.

It also deeply helps when you have kick-ass resources that are authentically and proudly cheering you on as you show up in your vulnerable truth;

loved as you are

not as the version the world taught you was lovable.

glow up_edited.jpg

Glow UP;

an informal term for a positive personal transformation, typically one involving significant changes in appearance and energy and often also growth in confidence and maturity (and sometimes aspects of personal or professional life).



If we want something big for ourselves, we have to give up something big.

Maybe that means late nights out, easy old ways of coping, destructive habits, mindless scrolling, saying "I'll do it later", etc.


(you already know what you need to give up, otherwise you wouldn't still be reading this)

The term sacred comes from Latin sacer (“set off, restricted”). A thing was designated as sacred when it was unique or extraordinary. 

What if the work you do to evolve was made sacred and the time you spent doing it was cherished?

lady butterfly.png

What's the secret? 😙

When you look around and you see that chick that is GLOWING...

When you see her smile SO big and her joy oozing...

When you watch her making memories that light her up....

When you notice the fruits of her labor and think oh, she has it so easy...

Do you want to know how she does it?

Building Authentic Confidence - Webinar.png

✔️ she consistently shows up for herself making her inner work and mental health a priority

✔️ she actively practices setting healthy boundaries

✔️ she is deeply connected to herself and her truth

✔️ she doesn't offer reasons why she can't but instead finds how she can

and just like that...this could be you.

glow up_edited.jpg

Are you ready to let go?
➡️ 🦋

Self Abandonment ➡️ Self Empowerment

Judgement ➡️ Understanding

Ego ➡️ Spirit

Anxiety ➡️ Peace

Sadness ➡️ Curiosity

Insecurity ➡️ Stability

Doubt ➡️ Certainty

Fear ➡️ Love

Grief ➡️ Freedom

Narcisism ➡️ Generosity

Check yourself, babe. ❣️

If you struggle with:

🚩 feeling like what you're doing is enough

🚩 ongoing insecurities about your value in the world

🚩 how to find the best you when interacting with your family (who triggers you at a visceral level)

🚩 trusting yourself when the going gets tough

🚩 asking for help and believing you deserve it

🚩 constant comparison thinking that you're never doing enough every time you scroll on IG or see someone else's "beautiful" life 

🚩 leaning into your true feminine essence and attracting the firework polar energies in your partner/dating life

🚩 manifesting ease in how you interact and thrive in your career

🚩 communicating like a boss and creating win-win scenarios with grace

🚩 learning to surrender and let go of that which you cannot control

🚩 feeling anxious or rising busy thoughts every time you aren't doing something

🚩 mastering your state of being to show up to your life when you don't feel "good"

🚩 inviting generosity in place of scarcity

...this program is for you.

What you'll walk with 🏆👠

The Modules

previous topics include:

Module: Inner Child 

4 session series

💞 Building The Relationship: tap into replenishing your relationship to the little version of you

💞 Inner Parenting: learn how to self-soothe and give yourself what you never received

💞 Self Nourishment: build wholeness within through filling your tank

💞 Playfulness: bring out the silly in you and live a lighter life

Module: Family Baggage 

4 session series

🧬 Lineage: learn how your family history and inherited trauma from generations is impacting you today

🧬 Patterning: acknowledge what is yours and what is theirs and how to identify when you're unconscious

🧬 Communication: apply real time tools to being more loving in your communication

🧬 Expanding: strengthen your family dynamics by inviting in tradition and consistency

Module: Healing 

4 session series

❤️ Awareness: know when a wounded part of you is at the helm and blocking you from moving beyond

❤️‍🩹 Softening: experience a beautiful gentleness and offer permission and self soothing to allow for healing

❤️ Accepting: embody surrender as a key to your evolution and release through letting go

❤️‍🩹 Forgiving: not for anyone else, but for you and your peace

Module: Divine Femininity

4 session series

🧜‍♀️ Polarity: learn to fluctuate between masculine and feminine energies, embodying that which serves

🧜‍♀️ Sacredness & Rituals: make things special and intentional to add more meaning to your life experience

🧜‍♀️ Emotional Intuition: learning to feel deeply into the fullness of your emotion with courage, knowing you are never too much

🧜‍♀️ Sexuality/Sensuality: understand tantric energy and release shame from this part of your womanhood



Sacred Service

SUNDAY, JULY 30th 11am-5pm at Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica

🤲 Offering: learn what your gifts are and experience all the channels already built into the areas of your life for you to give them 

🤲 Generosity: give freely without expectation or attachment and watch your life become more meaningful easily

🤲 Accountability: show up in selflessness as a strengthening tool to invigorate your energy, collapse your ego, and reignite your spirit

🤲  Spirituality: remember your oneness with all things as you give deeply knowing that you simply get to receive in the process of your own abundant frequency

future sessions on zoom:

Module: Confidence

Live Sessions: August 1st - August 22nd

✨ Boundaries: allow the knowingness of your worth & value to offer an easeful way of preserving your energy

✨ Control: recognize how your need to always be in charge is actually hindering your authentic confidence

✨ Modeling: shine your light for who you are in a way that gives permission for others to do the same

✨ Expansion: claim your power & let your new found recognition of self illuminate into your life and decisions

Module: Relationships

Live Sessions: September 12th - October 3rd

🪞 Teachers: allow the connections you have to be spiritual assignments for your growth

🪞 Communication: think, intend, and speak the same language so your truth is heard and understood  

🪞 Managing Conflict: implement a balanced use of empathy and connection to easily solve problems

🪞 Enriching: infuse your relationship with deeper threads as you build intentionally

Module: Purpose

Live Sessions: October 24th - November 14th

🚦 Dharma/Karma: learn the spiritual purpose of your human experience and how to awaken your true path

🚦 Pursuit: follow that which makes you grow, not that which checks a box

🚦 Jobs: infuse the role you have at your job with purpose and create more meaning

🚦 Meditation: integrate practical ways to create a practice that deeply supports you rather than being a checked box

Module: Leadership

Live Sessions: December 5th - December 26th

❤️‍🔥 Negotiation: gain skills in knowing how to gracefully advocate for getting what you want

❤️‍🔥 Strength: experience your limits and what it's like to stretch them

❤️‍🔥 Patience: develop Emotional Intelligence as an expander into more depth in leadership

❤️‍🔥 Responsibility: learn the importance of servitude as a leader

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What people are saying...

"Glow UP has completely changed my life. It's like weekly therapy. There is nothing more impactful in my mental health routine that compares to what this does for me. Having a safe space to come to and know that I'm received no matter what is happening in my life provides stability and consistency."

"I never thought that I'd be able to feel so connected through zoom coaching calls. I always thought of technology being related to my workday and now that I've experienced this program, I can see how important and impactful regular maintenance on my heart is."

"I finally feel seen for the first time in my life. I grew up feeling like I had to present as perfect in order to feel accepted and loved but this community truly gives a place for me, no matter what my day looks like."

"I went into this thinking that it was 'personal development' but little did I know that I would be able to apply these tools to every aspect of my life between my job, my family, my friendships, etc. I apply these tools consistently to problem solve, help me make decisions, maintain my routine and rituals, and better communicate."

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Ashley Shubert is a coach, yoga therapist, meditation instructor, and entrepreneur. Her teachings are rooted in mindfulness and accountability through work of the mind, body, and soul. She believes that every person is born with access to what's needed in order to thrive in their life, and that sometimes, we need help to find what those tools are and how to use them properly. 

She has been leading in this work for over 10 years with education and certifications that span from movement practices and physical anatomy, somatic experiencing and trauma informed teachings, the neuroscience of meditation, psychology, & NLP.

Her mission is to see people living their truth, not a "perfect" version of themselves, but instead a full version of themselves with resiliency, grit, and gentleness - all at the same time. 

Group Leads

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Julia Saidnia

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Brianne Tolp


Katie Moran


Karlyn Seidner


Ashley Draklich


Sylvia Spencer

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