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the business training.

Weekly Group Coaching

Individually, we are strong, powerful, and resilient. But together, we are unstoppable.

Expand & grow yourself through intensive leadership training and shared experiences that take place weekly on Zoom. Through this program you'll be supported, uplifted, and most importantly, called on the stuff in your blind spots. 


Expect to be challenged and to learn new ways to upgrade your business that are smart, easy, and reliable. So hop in and experience what it's really like to evolve.

Expand your business

Move through a curated, custom set of learnings that will directly apply to expanding your business. Step into leadership in a way that empowers people to take care of their health and wellness. Streamline your systems so you are more efficient in giving your gifts.


Easeful Commitment

Sessions are weekly on Monday evenings for only 60 minutes making this a perfect way for you to integrate ongoing learning into your life.

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Plug into other instructors, coaches, and individuals that prioritize growth, like you, so you build relationships with others in the industry.

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Applied Learnings

Expand your daily thought bank and nourish your business with practical tools that can help improve your revenue and invigorate your passion right away.


Personal Development

Make ongoing growth a real part of your value system by consistently implementing your exposure to curious topics.


Your Program

April 18th - June 6th, 2022
Monday's 7pm

*topics are subject to change

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Ashley Shubert is a coach, yoga therapist, meditation instructor, and entrepreneur. Her teachings are rooted in mindfulness and accountability through work of the mind, body, and soul. She believes that every person is born with access to what's needed in order to thrive in their life, and that sometimes, we need help to find what those tools are and how to use them properly. 

She has been leading in this work for over 10 years with education and certifications that span from movement practices and physical anatomy, somatic experiencing and trauma informed teachings, and the neuroscience of meditation. 

Her mission is to see people living their truth, not a "perfect" version of themselves, but instead a full version of themselves through all the messiness of real life; with resiliency, grit, and gentleness - all at the same time. 

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