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Why am I here? and WHAT in the world can I do for you!? 


Well...really, it's to see you smile shine, which is our natural state, believe it or not.

But with these tools, resources, and services, I'm inspired to help you do that more efficiently <3



Use Yoga to take your life to the next level. With my background, devotion, dedication, and expertise, I am ready to support you at any level with this powerful practice to help you become more grounded, centered, and connected with yourself and your life's intention. I have taught thousands of students, inspiring hundreds of breakthroughs & internal connections. 


We are an accomplishment and achievement driven society. We are consistently on to the next thing, trying to fit all of these things in our day and often forgetting the most important part of how we show up in the outter world which is what is going on inside ourselves. 


Yoga is for anybody with a body & most importantly, a willingness to learn.



By definition, yoga is the calming of the fluctuations of the mind. 


Create that stillness, through this ancient practice that has been working for people for over 10,000 years. Something's obviously working if people have been doing it for that long, right?! ;) 


One of my many passions is to take the "dogma" out of yoga. You don't have to be spiritual to receive the benefits, nor do you have to believe in something that is outside of your comfort zone. All you have to do is show up, and use your breath as a tool to becomming present to what is happening on the four corners of your mat. Simple!

Group Classes

Group yoga classes are a beautiful way to become inspired through being in a room with other like-minded people that are devoted to their own growth and evolution. Attending classes multiple times per week will increase your balance, peace of mind, and connection with your higher intelligence. Please check the class schedule page for locations and times. Rates available by studio.

Private Yoga Instruction

It's common to feel nervous as a beginner to your practice, so a great place to start is in private yoga to supplement a foundation for bigger movements for when you enter a large room. With this, you also have the ability to customize your flow to any specific body parts, poses, or injuries that are unique to you. Rates will vary. Contact now.

Corporate Yoga

Yoga in the workplace is proven to increase productivity. Long days in the office can create stagnation, fatigue, and inefficiency. Bringing yoga into your space as an employer or employee can benefit the company as a whole, providing more focused, energized, and empowered employees. Package weekly pricing is available. Contact now.

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Cycling & Group Fitness Classes


For many, group fitness is a key ingredient to working hard, maintaining a healthy mind and body, and staying inspired in the presence of a unified intention.


One of the great things about cycling and group finess classes, is that you don't need a lot of time to do it! Most classes are only one hour to dedicate to your personal health- mentally, physically, and emotionally. This can be a consistent practice, or sometimes you just gotta blow off some steam!   







Something I often mention and talk about, is the knowledge we receive from outer sources- whether it's a book, a blog, an article, and audio, a thought, a smile, or an interaction you have with someone, or even an interaction you witness between others. Usually, when something is resonating with you, and inspires you, it's because its mirroring an experience or a piece of information that you already know and acknowledge within. Through consistently updating and reminding yourself of the power you have inside, you are more accesible to stay in touch with who you really are, and what you are here to do. 


Through my blog, my main intention is to bring in a consistent flow of positivity and realization through my experiences in the desire that it will support you along your journey in this thing we call: life. 



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