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The Mentorship

the ongoing work.


Individually, we are strong, powerful, and resilient. But together, we are unstoppable.

Experience 5 months of weekly group coaching in a tight-knit community environment where you'll be supported, uplifted, and most importantly, called on the stuff in your blind spots. 

The work doesn't stop after one discovery and grow is not linear. So hop in and experience

what it's really like to evolve.

July 7th - November 10th, 2021

Your Journey.


This is a 5-month mentorship program offering weekly sessions to explore, realize, understand, and learn how to thrive in who you are.

Be seen in a special collection of humans in connection that lasts a lifetime and continue to do the work in a safe, nourishing, growth based environment.


Your goals are our goals, and this journey is designed to support you to getting there while helping you see your blindspots. 

Participants are selected after filling out a questionnaire and approved based on compatibility with program.

Your Schedule.

Weekly Sessions (day TBA)


60 minutes

💡 Month 1: Topics TBA

💡 Month 2: Topics TBA

💡 Month 3: Topics TBA

💡 Month 4: Topics TBA

💡 Month 5: Topics TBA

Invest in what matters.

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Your Facilitator.


Ashley Shubert has a diverse background as a corporate mindfulness trainer, yoga therapist, and meditation teacher working directly with business leaders, athletes, and treatment facilities. She is passionate about sharing her expertise in Yoga Therapy Rx, NeuroLinguistics, and Executive Coaching. Her purpose is helping others connect, grow, and thrive in their own lives.

Participants are required to apply to ensure fit and commitment.

Spaces are HIGHLY limited.

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