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Live, In-person class


Experience this powerful 60 min live, in person class surrounded by community and like-minded individuals. 

This class encompasses body weight sculpt, beat driven movement, and dynamic meditation. It's purpose is to deepen relationship with self, optimize awareness around our triggers, and feel deep emotional release.

Think out of the box therapy, without actual saying any words. 

August 25-29th, 2021

Experience a powerful 4-day retreat combining physical movement practice, meditation, lecture, and discussion to embody all that is WOMAN. Feel infinite expansion, channeling your inner badass fierceness in a virtual group setting.

These will be the deepest, most honest conversations you've ever had about your sensuality, sexuality, lioness nature, and grace. 

Discover feeling unconditionally supported and heard in all the places you've otherwise been uncomfortable to say what needs to be said, and hear what needs to be heard. 

Sept 19-26th, 2021

7-days of total bliss. This retreat is solely focused on how to bring more joy into your life in a very real, tangible way.

Using the practices of yoga, meditation, healthy eating, exploration, personal development, live coaching, and incredible people, we will dive into an experience that will radiate far into your life, and remind you of how to incorporate more things that make you HAPPY on a daily basis. 

Hop to it. 


 Discover Adventure.

Take a risk. Surprise Yourself. Build a life. 

You'll leave with a lot more than just another check mark



Read and learn about the magic that you can experience.


4 days that will deepen your womanhood...forever.

Palm Springs 2019.

A complete, in-depth experience on relationships. Relationships with self, intimacy, friendships, family, money, safety, food, our environment, and so on. 

We spent 3 1/2 incredible days in the desert taking a part how we've shown up in relationship in the past and how we'd like to in the future, all starting with the one that matters the most...ourselves. 

Ojai 2019.

The deepest, fullest, sweetest.

See how this incredible group got so close, so fast and enjoyed the experience of a lifetime with nourishing food, relaxing pool time, and of course...doing the work. 

The Deep Work.

The Community.


Always Willing.

Nourishing Body & Mind.




Thailand 2019.

Get ready to get WOW'd.

But don't worry, we are doing the same one in 2020.

You can save your spot now,

you'll see below why it will sell out.

The People.

Arrived as strangers.

Left as family.

The Location.

Beyond Expectation.

Absolute Paradise.


The Work.

Always Do Your Best.

Lead with an Open Heart.