8 Reasons Why Waking Up Early In The Morning Fulfills Your Day Before It Starts

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “I don’t have time” or “I’m really busy”? Or maybe sleeping in until you actually have to wake up for work and/or your day’s responsibilities? I totally know this feeling.

I have been in a love-hate relationship with waking up early for as long as I can remember in my adult life. During the times in my life when sleeping until I actually have to wake up was a habitual routine, I felt that I didn’t really have time for anything, had low energy, and much less motivation. I’m finally committing to my love for being an early riser because of everything it’s teaching me.

The greatest teacher is the greatest student, and my hunger for knowledge is continually increasing.

A great friend of mine, Ryan Orrico (founder of Burn Yoga), runs an awesome 6am boot-camp program that he hosts at Maha Yoga in Brentwood. The last round, I set intentions for each day of the classes via email the night before and came to class each morning to offer hands-on adjustments and modifications for his amazing students. I am beyond grateful for this inspiring experience on so many levels, but the greatest part was that it gave people the opportunity to see first hand how their days shifted just by waking up early- and they only had to commit for a week!

I highly encourage you to try the practice of rising with the sun, even if it’s for three days. Challenge your will power to be stronger and more disciplined than your desire to sleep. You will quickly find that it’s not about IF you can do it, it’s how much do you actually want to and how important is it for you to gain control of your actions. Developing this kind of practice only will set you up for success when the real challenges in life happens.

Here are 8 reasons why it’s AWESOME to wake up early:

Clearer Vision

You will absolutely find yourself filling your time with possibility rather than lack, and awaken what you truly envision for your day, and if you create consistency, likely for your life. Then your true, authentic light can shine free of obstruction. The most successful people on the planet wake up early and visualize aiding them in creativity.

Grow your time

You will have more time to do the things you love- believe it or not, you will! My brilliant friend Ryan Orrico recently published a blog that says, “If you wake up an hour earlier each day, you add 15 days to your year.” WHAT? Who wouldn’t want that?! I seriously always notice how much more space I have in the mornings to meditate and do more of what I enjoy when I rise early.

Self-Mastery, Increased Gratitude

Becoming disciplined by making commitments to yourself and keeping them, builds trust, and then you set yourself up for success when you are challenged by something like…real life and all of the adversity that may come with that. Find yourself Grateful for more and more, and your fulfillment will expand.

Quiet Time

One of the main blocks in creativity and focused energy are distractions. Waking up early, you can get centered without a wave of texts, emails, and technology hitting your phone and your mind. Not many people have the stamina and discipline to create an early morning schedule, so while those people sleep- you are setting intentions and goals for your life and day without distraction.

Breakfast. YUM!

How many times have you skipped breakfast for an extra 15 minutes of sleep? And then maybe later regretted it because you ate something that was easy rather than something that would nourish your body in a healthy way? Give yourself time to choose wisely what you are consuming as it’s the most important meal of the day.

You sleep better

Yes, because our bodies love routine. By going to bed with the intention of waking up early, you are unconsciously directing your body to rest in a way that honors your morning plans. If you’re planning on rising for the sun, you likely will give yourself extra time to go to bed earlier.


Because, what else are you doing if you aren’t sleeping? And there’s likely less traffic if you commute ;)

Productivity, Priorities

Will all this extra space in your mornings, you feel ahead of the game with room to priorities the most important, essential, productive things to invest your time in.

Now, here are some really great tools to bridge the gap in making your early morning practice a little easier to attain.

Alarm Clock

Buy a real alarm clock so that you can separate yourself from your phone (maybe even outside of the bedroom) and for an extra challenge, place the alarm clock on the other side of your room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

Set a Plan

And stick to it; early morning yoga, meditation, writing. Anything that gets your creative juices flowing

Remember your "why?"

If you go back to the reasons as to why you are doing it, you will be more inclined to do it.

Create a Ritual

Whether it’s drinking water with lemon right when you wake up, lighting incense, listening to a 5 minute meditation, starting a gratitude practice, or taking a quick walk, give yourself a specific routine that is your “go-to”. This builds trust & discipline in yourself and making it easier to stick to.

Accountability Buddy

Sometimes when you have a friend that you’re working out with in the morning, it inspires you to show up for that other person. Then once you’ve gotten over your desire to stay in bed, you can just show up for yourself and create a ritual.

With all of these benefits and tips, you are totally set for success.

Try it, just once- for three days. Notice how great it feels to be absolutely in control of how you live your life. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Let me know how it goes, because I love hearing from you.

To early mornings, yummy coffee, and birds singing,



Ashley Rae

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