Time Spent Wisely: Tips to End Your Year

Holiday. What does that word feel like to you?

There can be so much energy circling around that word or this time of the year, some good, some not so good.

When we feel the pressure of making the perfect plans, buying the perfect gifts, seeing friends and family, overwhelming excitement, or any other anchor that comes with this pretty little package, it’s important to keep yourself connected with the most important part of the Holiday’s… you.

Time is the most valuable asset that we have. It cannot be bought or sold, given or taken. You have a finite amount of it and it cannot be stretched or expanded. Time is a gift, and how you spend your time will determine the quality of the expereinces you will have.

Here are a few things that are time well spent during this influx of energy:

1. Yoga. Duh. Most studios offer different types of donation based Holiday classes that are available to not only give back, but help you get centered and grounded with who you are and how you would love to move into the New Year.

2. Let go. Let go of the old way of thinking you held onto for so long. Let go of the stories you told yourself this year. Let go of everything that held you back from doing the things you wanted to do.

3. Plan your goals. Once you feel ready to let go of anything you haven’t reached yet, decide where you’d like to move next. You can’t change where you’ve been, but you can change where you are going.

4. Meditate/Church/Spiritual Practice. Wake up and slow down. Create yourself a 15-minute quiet practice in the morning, go to a church, center, or sanctuary that resonates with you, or just get in touch with your highest self. Get closer with the “you” that always knows the right answer, and form a relationship with that version so you can use the power it gives you the next time you feel low.

5. Volunteer. Give selflessly. Research local organizations that provide a place for you to volunteer your time in a way that creates lasting change. There is nothing more fulfilling than being of service to something greater than you, and in the presence of this feeling: gratitude expands, and your “problems” won’t seem like problems anymore. ;)

6. Be with Nature. Besides the beautiful aesthetics, nature gives us an opportunity to reflect. When we are in nature, we can connect fully into humility and the truth of what is inside of us. Eat some humble pie, go hike.

7. Cherish Yourself. Rather than dwelling on the things you don’t like, you never accomplished, or you haven’t done, start recognizing and appreciating everything you are capable of and empowered to create moving forward.

8. Be Accountable. For any excuses you make that aren't who you really are. For playing small, when you know you are big. For loving less than what you have to give. Hold yourself accountable to your real potential.

9. Be Patient. With yourself, with the people you love, with where you are right now. Breathe before you react, and know that everything has already manifested before it shows up. Good things are coming, even if they don't come the way you want them to.

I love you, and I’m wishing you the Happiest of Holidays and may you spend your time in the things that make you light up from the inside out, the things that bring out only the best in you.



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