Make A Quick Come Back

In modern spirituality we hear so much about “finding your center” and being “present” and being “in the love”. We see people driving this energy through social media posts & quotes about how inspired they are.

Truthfully, I can assure you that not everything is all rainbows, yoga poses, and granola.

It’s actually quite the opposite. We live in a world of polarity- light & dark, white & black, yes & no, right & wrong. So for every post/expression you observe, know there is an equal opposing energy on the back end.

To every high you’ve ever felt, there is an equivalent low that has brought you to your knees. And let me be the first to admit, I wouldn’t even understand what my authentic joy & light means without understanding and feeling the pain and sorrow that I have.

In reality, it’s not about always being happy and positive about everything.

Why did this happen to me? What am I going to do now?

This place is most often where we feel our low, and lose our connection to the resources and possibilities available to us.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. How many times do you have to be brought to your knees before you start finding better and quicker ways to jump back up?

No matter what, things will still get dark and dim; it’s how you show up to the challenge that continues to evolve you…if you choose to see it that way.

When you squeeze lemons, you get lemonade. When you are squeezed under pressure, let your lemonade be an expression of growth and possibility, not of lack, anger, or frustration.

This all resides in your roots. The deepest place of your nature carries the intuitive wisdom to grow, we are biologically programed for that. Some experiences may take longer than others, and some may never unfold the way you want- but it's your divine right to have the power to chose to come back into a place of harmony.

Then, the conversation no longer resides in negative thought process and reoccuring thoughts of “not this again”, or "why does this always happen to me?" and now the question becomes, “what is the purpose of this happening?”, “what can I take away from this?” or “what resources do I have right now to change this circumstance?” (and if none, maybe change your attitude about it)

If you cultivate the willingness to learn from your experiences, when things get dark, your tools just get better and you become stronger. Who wouldn't want that?

To coming back to who we really are quicker, to all the little things that make our soul light up, and to having a kick-ass week!

I love you tons, because you give me what makes my soul light up by reading this <3



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