How Opportunity Really Works

How do you think opportunity shows up? Do you think it’s luck? Or the conditions around us that give us more certainty to have opportunity? Or working to exhaustion to create more openings for yourself?

Well think again.

Maybe we choose to see all the obstacles of why something isn't possible before we consider the resources we have to open the doors we want.

Opportunity is nothing more than just perception that creates more awareness and availability within you to receive what is possible. In that awareness, you can then choose to move towards the opportunities presented or pass them by, and likely saying YES to things will open even more doors up.

Every single person with breath in their body has the capability to experience limitless opportunities, given the willingness to open.

Napolean Hill said, "Your big opportunity may be right where you are now."

What feels like the end is often the beginning of something even greater, and we often forget that sometimes things fall apart for better things to fall together. So rather than dwelling on that last relationship, job, business deal, thing that you said, thing you didn’t say, maybe start to shift into seeing the opportunity surrounding the path that is being paved for you.

In fact, sometimes opportunities are disguised as painful experiences.

Rejection is another word for redirection. Learn something new about yourself, see your redirection and GO FOR IT!

Be open to the opportunity that is available to you and move into the things that light the flame in your soul, you'll always know by the feeling.

I mean, face it. The world needs you, and the Universe keeps dropping hints and love notes for you to step into your fullest- so choose to see it. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

There are things all around you in your life that are potential opportunities, experience what it would be like to say yes.

Look around and In-Joy <3

xo A

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