Extending Your Capacity

Do you remember the last time you thought you were going to completely lose it because you were so overwhelmed? So often we have a major breakdown before we breakthrough. This is a blog about my recent breakthrough after so much breakdown.

The past few weeks have been quite eventful and even difficult for me. Some of the recent traumas I have experienced have come to a head, and I'm in a place where I'm finally having to truly step forward- not only emotionally in my personal life, but also my time management, my level of commitment to the things I love, and professionally as I embark on my now journey which is forcing me to put my pain in the past and continue to move towards healing.

I have been SO tough on myself. Rather than allowing myself to feel the emotions of what I’m experiencing in every moment, I’ve been pushing myself, expanding my capacity to serve what has been coming at me.

To top it all off, last Monday evening I got a bitter cold and a high fever with my new job beginning the very next morning. I was so frustrated.

But what I had failed to remember is that the Universe is only going to give me what it knows I can handle, and what it knows I can learn from.

With a teaching schedule of 7-10 classes per week, a new 60+ hr/week job, my personal practices & meditations, my social life, my relationship, and my family, I realized that it’s time for me to either commit to make space for these things and find peace in this time of growth or prioritize and let go of some of what I worked so hard to make space for.

Before we can give of ourselves fully or even receive the rewards and benefits of that, we must start with ourselves. We often seek outward for connection and support or we just react to the pitches thrown to us, but what is forgotten is the power of the most important connection we have of all.

When you begin by filling your own cup, you can give of the overflow of your cup rather than coming from a place of lack in an empty cup.

I spent last week at my new position with a huge fever, subbing out all of my classes, cancelling all of my social and family plans, and focusing completely on myself and how to show up fully with where I’m at right now, which meant my nights in bed nurturing my body for the time being.

So here I am, week two of my brand new job, with a brand new perspective of what is possible.

Somehow perfectly at peace with where I am and knowing how resilient I truly am, releasing the limitations that were previously hindering parts of my spirit.

Knowing that it’s all working out exactly how it should, I am available to the gifts that this stretched capacity is giving me for my current state and above all, my future.

Knowing that rather than reacting to this extended load, I can bounce back with more strength, resiliance, and a welcoming, inspired attitude.

Knowing that even though I was worried I haven’t been in touch with you, my heart and soul, my tribe, that show up to this platform to join me in learning, in a few weeks is okay because you have just as much love for me as I do you and you will only be excited about what’s to come for my life, as I would you. ;)

I hope the rest of your week is awesome and may you remember that you are capable of much more than you think.

Breathe and let live <3



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