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Top 5 Nutrition tips for finding your healthiest self on the go:

1. DRINK so much water: the inclination is to grab a drink at the bar, but instead go for a huge glass of water; your body will thank you! A hydration multiplier I highly recommend is Liquid IV- it really helps replenish the systems.

2. Make mindful choices when eating out: choose steamed, more veggie based options, especially grilled proteins; fried foods, heavy meats, and thick sauces will make you feel more groggy and less light. You can always order things without the extra crap!

3. Ditch the sugar: just do it. be mindful of cravings and carelessness when choosing snacks, especially in the airport and be conscious of the types of drinks you order; alcohol is already extremely high in sugar and when added to a mixed drink can really take it out of you.

4. Go for the greens, healthy fat, protein, and fiber with every meal: even if it’s a smoothie. This will help you really become conscious of what you're putting in your body and ensure you're getting what you need to feel satiated and full. This method was developed by Kelly Leveque and I follow it religiously (@BeWellByKelly)

5. Trust your Body: If you really pay attention, your body will actually tell you what it needs based on what "sounds good". Don't settle, go find the yum!

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