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What does change really require?

New Year, new who!? Every January we feel pressure to bring change to our way of being. As we know, by February, the incentive is gone and we are left in the same place we started. The joke is that every January has now become “break your promises to yourself” month…yikes! (We’ve all been there ;))

Our lack of long term motivation will show up across the board, not just health, food choices, & movement but also in our behaviors, how we show up to others, in our relationships at home, and at work; it’s easy to default to what we’ve always known.

Our committed words only mean so much if we do not back up them up with actions.

We all have moments that we want to procrastinate, push things off, go the easier route, skip the meal thats prepped in our fridge, cancel plans, lay around, have a glass of wine instead, but the truth is that building the life you want takes you building trust with yourself.

The super tool here is habit and discipline. When we are committed to habits that serve us such as meditation practice, movement, mindful breathing (just to name a few) we are setting ourselves up for small success every day. Many small choices=big changes and success in that builds our trust with ourselves.

You have choice to make a different choice, you’re just choosing not to.

Now, the true question becomes: do you have the consistency, discipline, and willpower to develop strong healthy habits?

If the answer is yes, the reward is that we now have the ability to create any life of our choosing and therefore showing up better for ourselves and the people around us…now New Years resolutions are not even of concern because you’re making healthy choices every day.

Here are habits that will make a big difference:

-leaving your phone out of your bedroom at night

-developing a 5 min daily meditation practice

-moving your body at least 30 min daily

-keeping your living space clean, tidy, and organized

-drink enough water

-tell people you love them, often

-ingest information that actually elevates you as a human

-make sure you have “me time” every single day

-express gratitude consistently

Hope this helps, and we'd love to see you on the stream so you can join an awesome community of strong-minded human beings.


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