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What people are saying...


Check out these testimonials from real people, experiencing real results. 

Erin Howard


"I'm so grateful, body + soul, for Ashley. When I first began practicing yoga last year, I had no idea what to do or what to expect. Then I met Ashley, who quickly (mysteriously?) answered that inquiry: expect nothing + receive everything. She taught me to approach my practice (+ ultimately my life) with an open heart + an open mind.

Ashley has such a naturally encouraging energy that always makes me feel supported, whether she's teaching or simply practicing next to me. She kicks my ass in the sweetest way + her adjustments are gentle + deliberate.

Ashley Shubert is the Star in Super Mario Bros., and it has been a blessing + an honor to know her, both as a teacher + a friend."

Matt Stanchfield


"Ashley is the best yoga teacher I have had. She is obviously knowledgeable about yoga but more importantly very approachable and friendly. Ashley's classes not only benefit you physically but mentally and spiritually as well. She is very passionate about yoga and takes her work seriously, yet she maintains a mood of levity and fun with terrific music. Every time I leave her class I feel so amazing. I highly recommend Ashley to anyone who is at any level of yoga."

Crystal Kostrivas


"Ashley's love, kindness and compassion completely shine through in her thoughtful teaching style. I was hesitant to try private yoga lessons at first, but I'm so glad I did. Ashley's positive energy and goddess like glow immediately put me in a place of comfort and peace. Not to mention she helped me improve my overall asana alignment. Highly recommend!"

Michael Brooks


"Ashley has deep understanding of the physical and non-physical components of yoga and she is a natural when it comes to connecting with her students and communicating.  I've practiced with a lot of different instructors over the last 10+ years.  She is one of my favorites.  She challenges me physically, helps me with my alignment issues, makes sure I'm breathing properly, and makes it fun.  I'm looking forward to practicing with her again very soon."

Nita Letchner


"I first had the honor of experiencing Ashley at a course in November of 2014, not only as a Yoga instructor but as a BEING doing what her passion is.  I have been in Yoga rooms before but never with a presence and love that filled this space.  I felt honored and appreciated.


What happened during the third session was one of those miracles which I will never forget.  Within the sacred space Ashley created, my shoulder, which had been frozen up to a place that I could not get it up out of the water to swim or do ordinary tasks, released while doing child pose on the floor and stretched to full extension.  However and whatever happens to the cells of the body to facilitate such change within a few minutes is because of the space being filled with love, non-judgement, and acceptance that runs soul deep within this young woman.


I am blessed to be in her presence anytime and highly recommend that given the opportunity that anyone become involved with Ashley on all levels to facilitate growth physically and spiritually.  Ashley emits pure love."

Michael Marino


"You're an amazing leader. Growing more powerful with every class. Keep going!!"

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