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The Team

Change and transformation happens even more rapidly when done in community; with witnesses, in numbers, and from a place of open hearted support and loving action. While we never "arrive", The Leadership Team is a powerful group of individuals that have fully stepped into their growth in a vulnerable and palpable way. Each of them has made a deep and devotional commitment to living openly, loving intensely, and supporting unconditionally. Each of them has a unique gift to bring to the table that uplifts our community as a whole. 

Ashley Shubert

Kaela Ismael

Julia Saidnia

Sylvia Spencer

Katie Moran

Gina Siemplenski


Karlyn Seidner

Rachel "Noodle" Shoenbaum

Emily Palmer

Chloe Hemingway

Chloe "Triscuit" Hemingway

Rachel "Biscuit" Clark

Ashley Stout

Jenna McNaney

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