The Team
We live for community. Meet the people that will always see your truth.



Ashley Shubert

Hi. I am Ashley. I am the founder and CEO of Ashley Shubert Wellness. Since the pandemic, I have had a wild ride! Somehow through all this confusion and unpredictable times, I thrived in being able to offer hundreds of students the opportunity to see change and challenge differently. 

My lifelong commitment is to The Work. I am always looking for ways to up-level myself personally, professionally, and spiritually. My humble attitude allows me the grace continuing to grow and crave expansion as a leader and as a community member.

Ultimately, my vision and pull comes from being of service, meeting people where they are, and helping them see the light in themselves so they can feel empowered to live a bigger, brighter life.


Kaela Ismael

I knew from my first class with Ashley that I had found a form of movement, a place, and a teacher that I truly wanted to be consistent with. Fast forward four years, and I can honestly say that this community and my practice with Ashley were and are an integral part of making LA feel like home. The friendships and bonds that have come as a result of doing this work together are relationships that are not only extremely close to my heart, but also relationships that teach me more about myself and about others every day.

With every event, retreat, teacher training, and program, I am reminded that consistency in personal development (even when doing this work feels like moving through mud) is key - it’s the small choices we make every single day that shape us. Mentorship has been a foundational program in shaping me, offering a level of consistency that allows me to witness change and growth in both myself and the people I care about deeply in a truly incredible way.


Julia Saidnia

Yoga, Faith, Despair, the love for Ashley’s unique style, vision + passion brought me to the community. Not all retreats are created equal. Each + all retreats I attended have created lasting impact for me for different reasons. Your first anything always sticks as a solid pivotal point so I will say my first in person retreat in Ojai summer ‘19 will forever mark a memory for me of the beginning of MY journey. This retreat was the first time I had ever experienced such raw, vulnerable, brave, open hearted interactions + exercises with mere strangers and this is why it is memorable. Ojai is when I was finally exposed to the possibility of happiness re-entering my life after feeling so sad, lost, alone + lonely.

I believe that my raw vulnerability, innate creativity, passionate character combined with my “story” of life from being raised in a different country to my journey + experiences in womanhood leading to motherhood shape what I can bring to the table.


Professionally, I have been a recruiter since 2010. I have two daughters. After my pregnancies I lost 90 pounds and reclaimed my power. I am relentless, I am loyal, I am someone who adapts quickly but stands firmly in my beliefs. I am a mother, a wife, a very caring friend, and I love this community with all my heart.

Leadership Team

Change and transformation happens even more rapidly when done in community; with witnesses, in numbers, and from a place of open hearted support and loving action. The Leadership Team is a powerful group of individuals that have full stepped into their growth in a vulnerable and palpable way. Each of them has made a deep and devotional commitment to living openly, loving intensely, and supporting unconditionally. Each of them has a unique gift to bring to the table that uplifts our community as a whole. 


Kaylie Clark

I found Ashley during a corporate retreat in Feb of 2020 (cue suspenseful music) and the pandemic hit shortly after.


In this time of uncertainty, I experienced panic attacks and anxiety for the first time in my life. I knew I needed support but didn't know where to look. Ashley started doing virtual meditations and it helped more than I thought. I leaned deeply into Ashley’s programs and online offerings.Through the At-Home virtual retreat, I found the value in finding joy through movement and healing through my first exposure to "the work". I was still resistant to letting people in and letting my walls down but had a taste of community and wanted to dive in more. This led to more experiences like in-person retreats and two yoga teacher trainings! 


Through this deep investment into the work, Ashley's guidance, and the collective energy of the community I was able to let my guard down and let people see a little deeper into my life and soul. I've accepted that genuine connection and opportunity won't come if you aren't willing to get uncomfortable and let it in. 


I have since found a new creative spark and motivation to share my interests with others. I've merged my passion for this community and movement practice with other interests like Sound Healing, Reiki, Sustainability and art. I look forward to all the collaboration and connection that is still to come as more people enter this community and reignite their inner flame to do more than live life passively. 


Katie Moran

I am a Los Angeles-based creative who has a deep love for all living beings and a passion for feeding my friends. A true animal-lover through and through, I've been vegan since 2014 and run a pet care business in addition to my full-time gig.


I first met Ashley in 2016 at PLAYLIST Yoga in West Hollywood and my first retreat with her was in Ojai in 2019. Through doing "the work", I have learned the art of trusting myself and believing in the beauty of my dreams.


My soul has flourished in this community so I want to nurture this sacred space with the same love and compassion that was graciously given to me. I look forward to encouraging others to find what lights them up. 


Rachel Shoenbaum

Laying in Savasana at my first Saturday morning PLAYLIST class in 2019, I was immediately inspired by + intuitively connected with Ashley’s bold, raw, very human approach to teaching. Feeling a deep calling to shift my life in a new direction, I sought out as many opportunities to learn from Ashley as possible. 


For the past year, I have had the honor of being coached by her and fully immersing myself in “The Work”. The plot twist in my story that made this entire-life-pivot even more amazing? The empowered, badass, femme goddess tribe that have unexpectedly become such a vital, invaluable + irreplaceable part of my journey. Falling more in love with this work with each event and teacher training I take part in - the top 3 most impactful for me have been: the Awake classes, 6-month Mentorship programs, and this past Spring’s Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training.


Finding my voice, stepping into my power, and realizing a new level of emotional + physical strength has 360’d how I show up in the world as well as with myself. My love of connecting with this expansive community (amongst humans in general) is unwavering. As a Yoga Sculpt Teacher + Reiki Practitioner, I am most drawn to “the subtle energy layers”. With a passion for balancing compassion + directness, I hope to contribute to the community by creatively illuminating blind spots, shifting unsupportive patterns, proactively reframing potential negatives into applicable positives, normalizing vulnerability as power, inspiring love, promoting individuality, and always showing up fully with BIG hype-woman energy ;)


Courtney Stang

I started following Ashley on Instagram after she did an IG Live and she posted about an online at-home retreat at the beginning of the pandemic. I signed up for the retreat and the people and space were so welcoming.  It allowed me to finally be comfortable and open myself up to people in a way I never had before.  


The at-home retreat during the spring of 2020 set into motion the growth that I have experienced since. I realized I had unprocessed trauma and that I needed to start processing that before I could continue to grow in other areas of my life.   


This community also brought me some of the strongest friendships that I have in my life. Even though I live outside of LA/California, the connections I have made in this community make me feel like I am closer than the distances would suggest. I am a Registered Nurse with degrees also in Marketing and Physical Education: Sports Management.  I’m currently living in Minnesota with my dog Albus and plan to relocate soon to the West Coast.


Ashley Bilbo

I am a Pastry Chef based out of the Bay Area. I specialize in bread/pastries and plated desserts, and am currently working and honing my crafts in chocolates and confections at NeoCocoa in Belmont, CA. I hold a degree in Pastry Arts, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in International Management.


When I am not working on my craft and practice, I really enjoy spending time with my community, meditating, cooking, hiking with my partner and dog, creating, reading comics/manga and watching tons of cartoons! 


The Ashleys first connected in May 2020. I first found Ashley while looking for ways to motivate myself and cope after the sudden and tragic loss of my younger brother. I first reached out regarding daily movement and yoga to get myself out of bed, and  out of my depression. Shortly after starting Ashley's classes, I decided to try one of her at home retreats, after realizing isolated movement was just not enough to move me forward. During the WOMAN online retreat, something inside me unlocked. Ashley and her powerful community helped me to disrupt the patterns in my grief, my fears, my stories and loneliness. What started out as a daily motivation to live again, quickly turned into a loving and supportive community. Not only have I found my motivation and community, but myself again too. The journey through grief is a never ending one, I am thankful to know that I will not only survive it, I will thrive through it because I am held in support and love from this community. I wish to share my love and support with you as well.


Jenna McNaney

I first took Ashley's yoga sculpt class in 2018 at CorePower Yoga and was immediately struck by her energy and presence. I have never felt more seen in a class or been impacted by a physical workout so emotionally. I left the studio and immediately googled Ashley in the parking lot and followed her on Instagram and Spotify (because her music - WOW). My life would quite literally never be the same after that night.


From a spectrum of yoga classes, to online workshops, to the deeply transformational in-person retreats, Ashley has impacted me in a multitude of ways that have changed the trajectory of my entire life. Most importantly, this work has given me a community of safe space and lifelong genuine friendships.


The 200-hour yoga, meditation, and breathwork teacher training program by far had the deepest impact on me. Specifically on reprogramming negative thought patterns, releasing stored trauma, and inner child work (my favorite). I love all things spirituality, vulnerability, inner child work, combating anxiety/imposter syndrome, and generating deep connections. I also teach yoga sculpt, work in tech/sports, and love the ocean & traveling. :)


Gina Siemplenski

I found this community through Playlist Yoga where Ashley's Wednesday 6am classes were sacred.  The first thing I noticed about Ashley is that before class started, she would walk around the room with a list of everyone's name on it, make eye contact and say hello.  Because of that small gesture, I felt seen and became a regular student.


During the pandemic, I missed being around people so I joined Ash's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.  TT came at the perfect time especially for someone who was living alone.  I didn't know what I would do with this new skill besides host future epic international yoga retreats, but what I got was a tribe of lifelong sisters. 


As a TV Producer, I'm always looking at life through the lens of storytelling.  Telling the story of how "the work" impacts and improves my life is one that is ongoing, challenging and incredibly fulfilling.  My favorite part of Ashley's teachings is learning how to hold space for other people while they share their stories.  My personal and professional life are going through a big transition over the next year and I'm grateful I have support through this community during the good, the bad and the neutral moments.  This community teaches me just as much as I teach them and I am in endless awe of each and every person...especially YOU reading this right now.  


Let's grow and dream big together.  Even better, let's do it all over the world and sing Britney and Broadway while we do it.  I see you.  Always.


Rachel Clark

Anyone else remember Ashley’s Tuesday night Sculpt Classes at CorePower? I was one of the many sweaty bodies in that room that simply couldn’t get enough. Growing up as a dancer, I have always had a passion for movement, and fell in love with the art of dance, yoga & fitness as a form of self expression and healing.


In 2020, the world as we know it completely shifted and I decided to deepen my practice with Ashley’s 200 hour Yoga, Meditation, & Breathwork training, as well as Sculpt Teacher Training later in the year. As I immersed myself in that learning environment, I still felt there was a way to go deeper. She started to look at my habits, the people I surrounded myself with, and where I directed my energy in my day to day life.


It wasn’t until WOMAN in Temecula, Spring 2021, that I truly experienced the impact that this work can have. After doing the work for only a year, the toolbox I have assembled to help me navigate through life’s challenges, big or small, has been invaluable. I value human connection more than anything and this community has given me lifelong, genuine friendships. I hope to be a source of light or even just a familiar face to anyone who is looking to deepen their practice or get started in doing the work so that they too, can overcome any obstacle with a sense of strength and peace.


Chloe Hemingway

I spent the first 22 years of my life playing competitive soccer and played D1 soccer at UCLA. Ever since I was little, I gravitated toward and thrived in high intensity team environments. Soccer was my escape. It was where I found my voice. It wasn't until after finishing my college soccer career that I realized how unbalanced my life had been.


I found Ashley in the packed, dark room at CorePower on Tuesday nights at 7pm for her legendary yoga sculpt class. With sweat dripping down my body, I found tears streaming down my face. Ashely's yoga sculpt classes opened my eyes to what it means to not use exercise as a form of escape, but as a way to allow physical movement to unlock and release our deeper emotions and trauma.


From that moment on, I was hooked. When the pandemic hit, Ashley's online classes were more than a way for me to exercise. It was a community and a safe space where I felt instantly at home. In March of 2021, I attended Ashley's retreat WOMAN. I left feeling lighter. I left with deep authentic friendships. It was a space where all walls were down and vulnerability and truth guided the weekend.


I am passionate about consistent personal growth and development. Ashley has given me the space to be seen and heard. I want to do the same for everyone in this community. My goal with every class, retreat and event I attend is to lead by example and provide a safe space for everyone in this community to laugh, cry, sweat, dance, flow and grow.


Emily Palmer

I started going to Ashley’s yoga classes in West Hollywood 5 years ago and I was instantly hooked.  I love Ashley’s contagious energy, unwavering passion, and unconditional love for her students.  It didn’t take long until I joined my first Ashley retreat in Ojai and wow did my world change.  This was truly the beginning of “the work” and I haven't altered my course since.


After Ojai I joined my second retreat with Ashley in Thailand in 2020 and my world was cracked open.  I knew I was on the right path.  I, then, joined for the WOMAN retreat in Temecula in 2021 and from there went on to successfully complete Ashley’s Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training.  As a member of the Leadership Team, I helped lead the WOMAN Express Retreat in Santa Monica and can’t wait to support future retreats and events.


An avid lover of the outdoors and fitness, when I'm not taking a yoga or bootcamp class, you can usually find me running and hiking the trails surrounding Los Angeles.