WOMAN. (in Ojai)

the  retreat.

Feb 17-21st, 2021

*arrive Wednesday evening,

retreat begins Thursday morning

Experience a powerful 4-day retreat combining physical movement practice, meditation, lecture, and discussion to embody all that is WOMAN. Feel infinite expansion, channeling your inner badass fierceness in a virtual group setting.

These will be the deepest, most honest conversations you've ever had about your sensuality, sexuality, lioness nature, and grace. 

Discover feeling unconditionally supported and heard in all the places you've otherwise been uncomfortable to say what needs to be said, and hear what needs to be heard. 

It's your chance to let go;

to be who you really are, WOMAN.

The Content.

What are you getting yourself into?

Honest Connection

deep coaching and conversation.


and other physical movement to unlock the senses.


to develop discipline and practice.


cleansing, smudging, and fasting.


to energetically heal at a cellular level.

Ice bath

for strengthening and regulating the nervous system.

Jump into sisterhood, understanding, and deep healing in this powerful 4-day ceremonious retreat in Ojai, CA. 

This program includes difficult conversations relating to self-worth, body image, sex, confidence, healing, and expansion that are often overlooked. It is specifically designed to create a safe space to explore profound discussion and self-reflection.

Between lecture, discussion, meditation, movement, and a variation of healing modalities, this format will bring you so much deeper into the places you've been searching too long.

This retreat is going to bring forward a platform for you to play, laugh, cry, listen, speak, and understand these things through the incredible community that is WOMAN. 

Buckle up and get ready, 

it's about to get real. 

Let's be honest;

you've needed this for a long time.

The Space.

An intentional space to be the house of our work.

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Just you + you, babe!

(sold out)

PIF/Payment Plan


Shared Bed

(sold out)

PIF/Payment Plan


*price is per person


Share, and save some cash!

Double - King Bed

PIF/Payment Plan


(1 spot left)

Double - Day Bed

PIF/Payment Plan


(3 spots left)


(2 spots left)

Snuggle up!

PIF/Payment Plan


Quad / Quad ++

(2 spots left)

It's basically a slumber party, anyway ;)


PIF/Payment Plan


(1 spot left)

Quad ++ 

(up to 6)

PIF/Payment Plan


(4 spots)

Pricing will increase as spaces fill up.

Placing your deposit holds your rate. 

Take Action Early.

*All payment plans require a $200 deposit and must be PIF before retreat begins

All deposits are non-refundable // Up to 60 days prior to retreat start date costs excluding deposit are refundable // 60-30 days from the retreat start date 50% of total cost is refundable, minus the deposit // 30 days or less no costs are refundable. Please screenshot this page for your records.

The Deets.

-Four Night Accommodations

-Two Daily Yoga/Movement/Meditation Practices

-Live Coaching/Full Schedule

-Southbath + Icebath

-All Meals by In-House Private Chef

-Adventures: optional add ons

massages, pottery classes, etc 

Your Facilitator.

Ashley Shubert is a coach, corporate mindfulness trainer, meditation instructor, and Yoga Therapist Rx. She has been leading and guiding transformational experiences for over 10 years and has an innate passion for helping people move past their limiting beliefs, stories, and boundaries of playing small. 


A combination of our conditioning and genetic make up has created each of our perceptions of "reality".

Some of us have a reality that serves us, some of us don't. Some of us have parts of our reality that are frustrating, negative habits and often can leave us feeling powerless.

The good news is....

You aren't powerless. 

Here you will learn real proven tools and practices to have the power to decide how you invest your energy. 

Whether you are an avid yogi/meditator, or just getting started;

If it's calling...LISTEN. 

twin creeks 4_edited.jpg

What are people saying...

Take the leap.

This is not a vacation, it's an investment in yourself.

The work starts the moment you say yes.

You won't always know what will show up to support you,

but you definitely will miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 6.59.17 PM.png

Put yourself out there.

You will get a detailed questionnaire a few weeks prior to your arrival. 

This will help us understand what you're working on and how this will best serve you. 

Get ready to take risks, and most of all; 

Change your life. 

More Questions?

Set up a 15 minute call with Ashley to get more information and find out if you're ready.

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