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AT-HOME Retreat

April 13-17th, 2020


Are you feeling stuck, confused, isolated, and even defeated by the current conditions? 

This 5-day at-home retreat is designed to offer you real, practical tools and processes that will give you clarity on how to heal, understand, explore, and move forward into this new way of being. 


Get ready to feel supported, heard, and kick into gear in a way that you could never have imagined, even before life shifted into what it is right now. 

Find your new normal.

Grow closer with yourself and others like never before in a powerful, connected group; 

from the comfort of your own home. 

Learn robust tools to navigate through your current experience and come out on the other side with clarity in mutliple areas of your life. 

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Spaces are HIGHLY limited.


For those of you that need to know...

Daily Schedule:

7-8am // physical movement practice

8-10am // coaching call with group

10am-4pm // daily assignments

4-6pm // coaching call with group

6-7pm // physical movement practice

Week Schedule:

Day 1: Your Self

Day 2: Your Environment

Day 3: Your Relationships

Day 4: Your Purpose

Day 5: Your Toolbox


-Shayne Mifsud

NBC Universal

Sign up now!

One small investment to change your life forever


*deadline to sign up Wed, April 8th

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