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for the curious being

Are you intrigued by this community and/or work but you'd like a taste before jumping in? 

Or maybe your resources are limited in this moment in time and you want to further your relationship to Self with a support system.


It's all valid and money can be an activating conversation.

Don't worry, friend. We've got you covered.

21-Day Meditation Challenge

create new habits


If "I should start meditating" is a common thought in your mind, this is the challenge for you. Join our community for 21-days of peace, boredom, and meeting your soul - it can all coexist. ❤️‍🔥

I'm sure you've heard about the powerful benefits of meditation practice before, but just think of your life...but x10 better because of what you build with yourself as a result of this work. 🤩

FREE Webinars

for the growing being

Are you someone that is hungry to grow and expand yourself emotionally, spiritually, mentally, professionally, holistically, or physically? Join us for a quick educational training on zoom on useful content - the good stuff that we never got to learn in school. Make connections, build community, and strengthen your mind, heart, and soul as we dive into these important topics. 

Upcoming (live)

On-Demand (previously recorded)

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