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Are you someone that is hungry to grow and expand yourself emotionally, spiritually, mentally, professionally, holistically, or physically? Join us for a 60 minute educational training on useful topics - the good stuff that we never got to learn in school. Make connections, build community, and strengthen your mind, heart, and soul as we dive into these important topics. 


Building Authentic Confidence

Strengthen your inner cheerleader by examining old patterns that creep up and debilitate your confidence. Give yourself a fresh perspective on your truth, worth, and value and keep that knowingness top of mind as you walk through your interactions and daily life. 

The world needs you to shine your light and be in alignment with how amazing you are: that's how you create and offer beautiful and impactful contribution. Join us for this interactive webinar and expand your awareness to how incredibly you really are!

Thursday, June 14th 12pm PST

Inner Conflict: 

Action or Surrender?

When the nitty gritty starts to bog down our decision making, it can be challenging to discern when we should take action or just let go and surrender that "everything happens for a reason." Whose to say when the right moment is to lay down a boundary or just let things rest as they are and practice non-attachment?

Lean into the unknown and discover how to play the middle ground between DOing and BEing as we breakdown this interesting topic. Join like minded community and unearth your authentic strength of knowing when to say enough and when to walk away.

Wednesday, July 27th 2pm PST

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