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Check out what's on the horizon and possible for you. 

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Glow UP - Leadership

Embark on a women's online group coaching program that provides transformative concepts and modules which invite expansion at a core level specifically pertaining to leadership. Find consistency in weekly zoom sessions or in person day workshops and learn how you can grow incrementally over time.

Sessions meet on Wednesday evenings on zoom.

Next Module:

Live Sessions on Zoom

Begins Wed, Feb 21st, 2024

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Weekly Practices

Change your life over time with the small choices you make every day. Join us weekly for live stream, in person, and on demand classes that span from yoga, yoga sculpt, resistance bands, HIIT, meditation, breathwork, restorative, community events,  and other lifestyle experiences that contribute to your health and wellbeing.


Jump in, you won't regret it.

Every Week

The Space Between 2023 Cover Image.jpg

The Space Between

At 200 hour yoga, meditation, and breath work training for those who not only want to be leaders in the wellness space, but who also want a deep dive into learning themselves through the physical, mental, and emotional layers.

This program offers a Yoga Alliance certification.

Sept - Nov 2024

Discover Adventure.

Take a risk. Surprise Yourself. Build a life. 

You'll leave with a lot more than just another check mark


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