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Experience this powerful 60 min live, in person class surrounded by community and like-minded individuals. 

This class encompasses body weight sculpt, beat driven movement, and dynamic meditation. It's purpose is to deepen relationship with self, optimize awareness around our triggers, and feel deep emotional release.

Think out of the box therapy, without actual saying any words. 




This weekly group coaching program is the perfect fit if you want to incorporate more personal development and meaning in your life on an ongoing basis.


Join community in learning about important and applicable topics to the daily life we live and allow your blind spots to be illuminated so you can embody a deeper part of your truth.

May 11th - July 27th, 2022


WOMAN. Resilience

How many times have you taken a deep breath and felt like, "gosh, I really needed that?" What f you took more of those often, not only when you need them. 

This two-day local women's retreat is a powerful journey into the soul that teaches us how to interact in the outside world with grace, love, and patience. 

June 25-26th, 2022

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