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the somatic HIIT class.

Experience a moment in time like never before.

Unlock new levels of energy and understanding of Self through mind, body, and spirit.

Turn the lights down, the music up, and ignite your soul.​


a radically raw and intense class format that combines body-weight sculpt, vocal expression, breathwork, beat driven movement, dynamic meditation, somatic movement practices, and expansive cathartic emotional release. 

The best way to describe this is a Somatic HIIT class.


This movement class offers a safe space for introspection and reflection, clear truth bombs from your inner wisdom, and liberation from our internal running dialogue as we interrupt the pattern with something that moves the soul.


It's the evolution of your way of being - through challenge and celebration, there is a meeting place where your stamina meets your resilience and your newly tapped physical capacity influences how expanded your mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds can be.

This sacred space isn't about becoming something else, but instead more of who you really are with permission to forgo the old narrative. Jump into a room full of mirrors back into your spirit -


and feel the rumbling of your source's presence.

The Studio

ViBE Creative Space

2939 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Tons of free parking in the back!

Please be sure to bring your own water.

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