the live class.


Join us for the debut of our new format, Awake class; a brand new format that combines body-weight sculpt, vocal expression, beat driven movement, dynamic meditation, and expansive cathartic emotional release. 


With this new way of being, we must actively seek deeper introspection and understanding so we can show up in the world in a way that's in alignment with our truth.

Find more than what you're looking for in a room of like-minded community so you can trust yourself and go deeper in this meditative movement practice. 

Music Driven Movement •  Body-Weight Sculpt •  Deep Meditation •  Community

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021


Experience a class like you've never before. Unlock new levels of energy and understanding of self in mind, body, and spirit.

Turn the lights down, the music up, and ignite your soul.​

We are back, we are here, and we are READY.

The Studio


Yoga Collective Santa Monica

1221 2nd St #150

Santa Monica, CA 90401

This private, beautiful location will house our experience.

Parking structure available.

YC SM.jpeg
Awake June 22nd

Awake June 22nd