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For those who want the in-person, up close, real time experience in Los Angeles or live coaching and connection on zoom.

Please note equipment needed for each format.


"This goddess warrior of a human was put on this earth to CHANGE LIVES. She is so plugged in, everything that comes out of her mouth resonates. She will challenge your mental + physical (her classes kick ya ass) while simultaneously empowering + supporting you spiritually. On a scale of ten, I give her a hundred across the board!"

Class Praise

"Not to be dramatic but…this woman will change your life."

"Ashley is one of the most dynamic teachers there is! Working with her and taking her classes has completely changed my mind body connection. As an ex competitive athlete with injuries, Ashley is able to cultivate a loving understanding environment for all bodies and all modifications needed while still creating challenge across the board. Take a class stay forever!"

"This class was absolutely life changing. Ashley is such a powerful instructor. Her words of encouragement and advice about life throughout the class were what got me through the high intensity cardio. I found that I was pushing myself past what I thought was my limit because it was so inspiring and empowering to be in that environment. Such a unique and beautiful experience."

"Being away from my comfort zone and not having my blocks to support certain poses, I still had to focus and dig deeper and slow my breathing down in order to obtain my goals. Your classes have had such a huge impact on my inner self. That’s where the real work starts!"

"Such a fun class and a phenomenal workout! Highly recommend!!"

"I didn't know what to expect walking in to my 1st AWAKE class with Ashley. The experience was amazing. She created a one of a kind atmosphere where you can completely be yourself in the movement and in the moment."

"I found the class with Ashley to be both informative and enjoyable. Ashley came across as personable, sincere, and encouraged questions and interaction. I would certainly recommend both the class and instructor."


"This class was everything! My entire body got a workout. My muscles, my heart, my head, my soul. Ashley is the perfect balance as a teacher...she guided the class with humor, support, love and strength! I'll definitely be back!"

"I loved the music and workout! It was so good! Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a quick burn over a 1 hour class. Definitely hits upon all the elements you need for a well rounded workout."

"Transformative… The checking in at the front desk was easy and fast, and the entry was clean, and airy. I was greeted with a friendly welcome by Ashley. Her striking beauty matched her charismatic personality. Behind her was a door that lead to the main studio. With trance music pumping, an alive energy was transmitting out, and I was drawn to it. Although dark, there was a warm glow inside. The energy from inside was pulling me.. making me curiosity. I felt this anticipation, like I was going to go on this amazing ride. When I enter to studio the yoga mats were placed orderly on the floor, and the glowing lights of candles filled the room. The mood was set. Many of her students were chit chatting like good friends and I could feel the spirit in the room was warm. Just as the temperature was in the room, not hot yoga but a toasty warm. Ashley started class promptly, leading us through a journey of strong dynamic movements, like yoga maybe on steroids.. in a good way! The hard dynamic movements were broken up with quiet reflective moments, music at a slower pace. She had us check in by placing our hands over hearts, recognizing how fast our hart was beating, as well as, checking in with being in presence of our own bodies. Like I am said in the beginning, it was Transformative .. and I felt I went on a journey .. that landed me to myself. I will absolutely be back again! Thank you, Ashley."

"I’ve been practicing meditation for a month now and this was my first meditation class with Ashley. Her voice is so warm and welcoming and her words allowed me to feel safe and at home ❤️ One of the best meditation sessions I’ve done and CANNOT WAIT for more 🙌"

"Ashley is hands down the best instructor and life coach I’ve ever had. Her classes keep me going! I’m so grateful and strongly recommend everyone try her classes!"

"Ashley is the best yoga and fitness teacher around – both online and in-person. Her classes are thoroughly thought out, very difficult (in the best way possible), and her music is always on point. Def recommend."

"Awake was the most unexpected, rewarding class I have ever taken. I've never been a big fan of group classes but decided to give this a try since it's right next to my apartment and I walked out of there so full of energy. Awake felt like a combination of HIIT, yoga, meditation, emotional release, and self-love in a fast-paced environment. I had no idea how bad I needed this class - it pulled me out of a funk that I've been in the past several weeks and just lifted so much stress and anxiety. On top of that, it was just an incredible workout. Ashley has a gift and I think I can speak for everyone that night when I say the entire room was moved. I felt like I was surrounded by female warriors. It was so empowering! I can't wait to come back."

"That class was the challenge that I needed to start my day and get my head, heart and mouth aligned! This is the game changer I needed in my life."

"Ashley is very insightful, passionate, and full of useful information. Since I've known her she has encouraged me and pushed me to be my best self. Looking forward to the upcoming retreat!!"

"Hands down the best workout class i’ve ever been too. It was liberating for the soul. Ashley has such an incredible approach with people. The class was also extremely welcoming and friendly. Can’t wait to do the next one!"

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