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Learn to walk in your divine purpose,
elevate the quality of your relationships,
and embody leadership elegantly and powerfully.

Glow UP.

women's group leadership coaching

Invest 6 weeks and become unrecognizable


Your most fierce, compassionate, kind, loving, present, powerful Self is already alive - dormant within you.

know that you were meant for a beautifully electric life.


I also know there are moments you believe that and moments you don't. 

I have found that the more we show up for ourselves, inquire, and investigate the path of sweet freedom and forgo self-abandonment and habits that make us feel perpetually unworthy, the better the quality of our moments, breaths, and heart-centered experiences can be.

You already know this in every cell of your body.

It also deeply helps when you have kick-ass resources that are authentically and proudly cheering you on as you show up in your vulnerable truth;

loved as you are

not as the version the world

taught you that you had to become.

this journey is for you if...

⭐️  You are a natural born leader and you want more specific and effective skills to flex that leadership

⭐️ You thrive in environments of fun, out-of-the-box hands on coaching, learning, and interacting

⭐️ You want to meet like minded people and build community where you can grow and be witnessed in  your journey

⭐️ You're often told that you're a bull dozer, too masculine, or too assertive in the way you lead and you want to inspire action from a softer place

⭐️ You want to understand how to embody your inner divine feminine and strengthen your relationship to your emotions, your intuition, and others around you

You will become the leader you've always wanted to be 

when you start embodying what you deserve.


Glow UP;

an informal term for a positive personal transformation, typically one involving significant changes in appearance and energy and often also growth in confidence and maturity (and sometimes aspects of personal or professional life).

Group Coaching

to inspired transformation & embodiment

One Modules: six weeks of sessions that builds in each module to cultivate consistency, containment, and community

Weekly Sessions: 90 minute sessions are held every week and offer a safe space to implement learning and reflect on teachings in a way that builds on each lesson

All Online: sessions are on zoom so you can participate from anywhere you are

✨ Required Reading: participants will dive into a supportive reading text that offers a foundation to the session lectures and activities

Virtual Platform: includes entry to CEREMNY circle private chat group for virtual access anytime with community ongoing and portal to review videos for the duration of the program



Leadership isn't about shedding the old to become another person,

It's about un-becoming that which was never your truth to begin with along the way so you can fully and authentically shine in

who you really are.

(It's time to stop playing small, dimming your light, obstructing your calling, self-abandoning, and robbing the world of your leadership and presence)

The term sacred comes from Latin sacer (“set off, restricted”). A thing was designated as special when it was unique or extraordinary. 

What if the work you do to lead was simply to make yourself the thing that is sacred and the time you spent doing it was an honor?


Are you ready to grow?
🐛  👉  🦋

Self Abandonment  👉  Self Empowered Choices

Insecurity  👉  Expressive Embodiment

Self-Centered Anxiety  👉  Generosity

Protection  👉  Healthy Boundaries

Doubt  👉  Clear Communication

Stagnation  👉  Divine Flow

Judgement  👉  Curiosity

Ego  👉  Spirit

Fear  👉  Love

Yellow Flowers
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What people are saying...

"The skill of simply listening to my unique intuition and being able to trust my inner voice is something I didn't even know I had the ability to strengthen. In this program, I developed a consistent resource of getting to know my wisdom and allowing it to lead in my life"

"I went into this thinking that it was 'personal development' but little did I know that I would be able to apply these tools to every aspect of my life between my job, my family, my friendships, etc. I apply these tools consistently to problem solve, help me make decisions, maintain my routine and rituals, and better communicate."

"I knew I was ready to up level in my life and choosing this program was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Between feeling supported by a community of women who I feel incredibly understood and seen by has been a pillar to stepping into my power fully and completely and making positive changes in my life. 

"This program taught me how to quite literally glow up and take accountability for my life. The sessions have unmatched nuggets of important magic that has woven itself into my daily healing practices and make up many pages of my inner life manual. I can't imagine missing a round of this - it's perfect in all ways of the sense and I love being able to do it from home every single week. 

The Modules

All sessions are on zoom and recorded for participants to revisit post session. Each meeting is 90 minutes and participants are expected to attend most sessions live to maintain the trust and experience of the container.

Module 1:


learning, loving, and connecting deeper through the mirror of our relationships

Wednesdays at 6:30pm-8pm PST, 6 weeks

February 21-March 27th

Module 1 session recording available for purchase:

Mirrors & Teachers: allow the depth, vulnerability, and triggers you get to experience in your relationships awaken the spiritual assignments for your growth and more accountability towards your personal freedom

✨ Communication & Empathetic Boundaries: think, intend, and speak the same language so your truth is heard and understood and your communication is compassionate, empathic, and aligned with the outcome of deep connection you want while caring for another


✨ Rupture to Repair: learn how to move past hard conversations and uncomfortable moments in your relationships, letting them inform a stronger and deeper bond rooted in trust and understanding

✨ Enrichment: take haven in your relationships by investing time and energy in making them better, naturally nourishing your health through the woven threads of creating meaning, presence, and connection

✨ Compassionate Compromise: gain skills in knowing how to gracefully advocate for your authentic needs in a way where everyone wins and feels honored, sharpening your negotiation skills

✨ Emotional Capacity: increase and hone your Emotional Intelligence skills as an expander into more depth, compassion, and effectiveness in leadership and motivate people to collectively come together for a greater common purpose

Module 2:

Dharma & Purpose

realizing, expressing, and embodying your authentic calling

Wednesdays at 6:30pm-8pm PST, 6 weeks

April 22nd-May 29th

Dharma/Karma: learn the bigger purpose of your human experience and how to awaken your individual true path and reason for being here so you can better lean into expressing your gifts

Pursuit: answer the calling and fiercely move towards that which is truly expressive of your gifts, not that which checks a box, and feel the power of how taking aligned action makes you even more alive and connected to your purpose

Prioritizing the Present: understand how your life is already woven with powerful opportunities to offer a channeled expression of your purpose and create more meaning in your day to day life

Meditation & Breathwork: learn the commitment of sitting with yourself and training your life force energy without distraction or outside stimulation so you can see and actualize your gifts and clear the path of that which obstructs your vision to your purpose

Strength: experience the stretching of your ever-changing capacity from the lens of motivation, growth, ownership, and accountability while savoring your brand newfound empowered abilities

Responsibility: learn the importance of grace, integrity, and servant leadership as you learn how to position yourself to hold the opportunity to lead with your fullness

Register NOW, sis.

Module 1:


learning, loving, and connecting deeper through the mirror of our relationships

Wednesdays at 6:30pm-8pm PST, 6 weeks

February 21-March 27th

Module 2:

Dharma & Purpose

realizing, expressing, and embodying your authentic calling

Wednesdays at 6:30pm-8pm PST, 6 weeks

April 22nd-May 29th

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Ashley Shubert is a coach, yoga therapist, meditation instructor, and entrepreneur. Her teachings are rooted in mindfulness and accountability through work of the mind, body, and soul. She believes that every person is born with access to what's needed in order to thrive in their life, and that sometimes, we need help to find what those tools are and how to use them properly. 

She has been leading in this work for over 10 years with education and certifications that span from movement practices and physical anatomy, somatic experiencing and trauma informed teachings, the neuroscience of meditation, psychology, & NLP.

Her mission is to see people living their truth, not a "perfect" version of themselves, but instead a full version of themselves with resiliency, grit, and gentleness - all at the same time. 

Group Leads


Julia Saidnia


Katie Moran


Xavianca Horne

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