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the virtual workshop.

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Our most powerful series is back. 


WOMAN. is an education experience where we get to discuss and understand topics and information that may otherwise be considered "taboo". Ask all the questions, share all the stories, be seen and understood in a group of powerful and strong women that will do nothing but hold you. 

These will be the deepest, most honest conversations you've ever had about your sensuality, sexuality, lioness nature, and grace. 

Discover feeling unconditionally supported and heard in all the places you've otherwise been uncomfortable to say what needs to be said, and hear what needs to be heard. 

love - self esteem - worthiness - sex - money - goals - femininity - accountability

Sunday, Nov 7th


(on zoom)

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be seen for who you really are

Imagine these 3-hours will allow you to safely feel understood and seen, connecting to other women that will become your lifelong friendships.

Explore topics and deep conversation around all of things you've been afraid to ask, say, look at, and learn about yourself through an interactive program curated just for you.

Within the comfort of your own home, go deeper than you've ever gone before. 

What people are saying...

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Your Facilitator.


Ashley Shubert is a coach, corporate mindfulness trainer, meditation instructor, and Yoga Therapist Rx. She has been leading and guiding transformational experiences for over 10 years and has an innate passion for helping people move past their limiting beliefs, stories, and boundaries of playing small. 

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