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deeply feminine

an Altar/ed Experience

have you been missing your Self?

My love,


Our culture has taught you aren't enough as you are. That you have to complete a never ending task list in order to rest. That if you aren't married with children at a certain age you are unworthy. Or that if you do have kids, you aren't an adequate or sufficient mother. That the outside world knows more about your healing than your own inner wisdom.

There comes a time when we reach inside and grab our little selves to say

"ENOUGH of that noise."

and become available to hear the music. 🎶

That time is now.

how many times have you left yourself behind to save a sinking ship?

woman retreat.jpg
little girl woman retreat.jpg

sometimes it has to get darker before it returns light.


four days.
one ceremony.
seven rituals.
unlimited energy.

It is time for you to reclaim your feminine power. 

Not your unbelievable ability to look hot AF with the newest dress style,

or that snatched waist you've been intermittently fasting all morning for,

or the perfect angled photo that gets a sh*t ton of likes,

or the "younger, hotter" version of you before all the things happened,

or your bandwidth for doing everything for everyone and nothing for yourself

womens retreat

NO, sweet one.

I'm talking about your ability to uplift an entire room just because of your presence.

Your gentle energy that seems to have medicinal healing powers in the moments you slow down with yourself.

The contagious, radiant essence that escapes every pore of your skin when you are electrically happy.

The undeniable blossoming of your truth as you speak it from your lips, soothing your soul.

...and your knowingness that self-abandonment will never give you the pleasure you're seeking by appeasing others.

The medicine has always been you. 


Everything you've used to protect, support, and nourish yourself has been medicine - good medicine.

But maybe, just maybe, perhaps there is a sourced power in shared intention-

in communing with other women and medicines from the Earth that can help hold your hand along the way as you illuminate your own journey.

Your feminine wisdom already knows that this hustle culture isn't for you.

Hear her roar.

Food should not be an allowance

Movement should not be a punishment

Sleep should not be a reward

Sex should not be a chore

Pleasure is on the other side of control


the details.

Retreat Includes:


-Meals (fasting on ceremony night)

-Coaching & Process Work

-Movement Practices



Thursday, July 13th - Sunday July 16th / Ojai, CA

arrive no later than 4pm - check out 11am

Thursday, July 13th

4pm arrival

4:30pm group introductions & intention ceremony

6pm dinner

7:30pm restorative yoga

Friday, July 14th

6am sunrise hike

8am breakfast

9am lecture & discussion

12pm lunch

1:30pm sacred ritual & activities

4pm yoga practice

6pm dinner

7:30pm sound ceremony

Saturday, July 15th

7am movement practice

8am breakfast

9am lecture & discussion

12pm lunch

1:30pm sacred ritual & activities

5pm ceremony begins

Sunday, July 16th

9am breakfast

10am integration & movement practice

11am check out

*please note this is a tentative schedule subject to change

the container.


the options.

Please note that each participant must undergo an interview to be a candidate for this program. Should any medical information arise that conflicts with the safety of the student for this program, enrollment will not be accepted and our team reserves the right to always keep you protected.

Payment Plans available on checkout with affirm

See terms and conditions for more information. All deposits are non-refundable // Up to 60 days prior to retreat start date costs excluding deposit are refundable // 60-30 days from the retreat start date 50% of total cost is refundable // 30 days or less no costs are refundable. Please screenshot this page for your records. 


the assignment.

your womanhood has many gifts to teach.

are you listening?

healing the wounded feminine

embracing the healthy masculine

receive entirely

release control

let the old version of her go

realize deep safety

a complete surrender

full body EXHALE

the facilitators.

hands on heart.PNG

Alexa Silvaggio is a wellness entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.  She is a teacher, TEDX speaker, writer, podcast host, retreat leader and CEO of Ritch Chocolate Rituals, her mindfulness chocolate brand.  Through embodiment, connection, and ritual, she encourages us all to cultivate a more loving relationship with our body, and self. Connect with her here.

Ashley Shubert is a yoga therapist, holistic coach, meditation instructor, and entrepreneur. Her teachings are rooted in mindfulness and accountability through work of the mind, body, and soul. She believes that every person is born with access to what's needed in order to thrive in their life, and that sometimes, we need help to find what those tools are and how to use them properly.


Julia Saidnia is a meditation instructor, yoga teacher, and dharma & career coach dedicated to supporting, and  inspiring women to reach their full potential through love + accountability. She is dedicated to fostering a blend of strategic and mindfulness practices that encourage confidence, resilience and growth; she specializes in supporting people that range from entrepreneurs to professionals in demanding roles to create synergy between values and goals and to grow into their potential without sacrificing their health and wellbeing. 

Check out our last Ojai retreat:

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