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Love Bigger;

A retreat on relationships

Ever feel like you aren't giving back to yourself? Like boundaries are a language you don't even understand?

This intimate 3-day luxury retreat will use the practices of meditation, yoga, elevated discussion + group work. The intention is to help you personally develop the skills of compassionate understanding towards yourself and others in order to create clear boundaries and more expanded relationships.


Sitting in our same habits of interacting is comfortable. We are often taught that once we finish school, we are done learning. It's never been easier to play small.


That myth stops here.


We have to be willing to go the distance between where we are and where we want to go if we want things to be different.


A combination of our conditioning and genetic make up has created each of our perceptions of "reality".

Some of us have a reality that serves us, some of us don't. Some of us have parts of our reality that are frustrating, negative and often can leave us feeling powerless.

The good news is....

You aren't powerless. 

Here you will learn real proven tools and practices to have the power to say NO MORE to the stuff that isn't working.

Whether you are an avid yogi/meditator, or just getting started;

If it's calling...LISTEN. 

 October 17-20th, 2019

Retreat begins midday on Thursday, Oct 17th.

Our relationship with self sets the tone for all other relationships in our life.

This retreat is fully curated to support you in relationship:

*with self

*with family

*with friendships

*with intimacy

*with money

*with food

(regardless if you currently have a partner or not)

Are you willing to step up and learn yourself so deeply that you can ask for what you want and need from the people around you?

Break the habit.

-Three Night Accommodations


-Two Daily Yoga/Meditation Practices

-Live Workshops/Full Schedule

-All Meals by In-House Private Chef

-Adventures: optional add ons;

in-house massage, art therapy 

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PIF/Payment Plan

$2499/$2599 -- $3699/$3799



PIF/Payment Plan




PIF/Payment Plan




PIF/Payment Plan




PIF/Payment Plan


*All payment plans require a $700 deposit and must be PIF before retreat begins

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Ashley Shubert

Look. Seek. Find. Discover. Ashley has been an executive coach to a wide demographic of markets including high level business execs and trauma informed environments since 2011. Her teaching style is rooted in the concept that we are whole and complete just as we are, that the answers are closer than we think. 

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Brian Gallo

Brian has been teaching and guiding meditation and mindfulness across the board from professional athletes to high level finance players. His background is in the finance world and startups. He contributes his success to his meditation practice and has been leading others since 2007

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Take the leap.

The work starts the moment you say yes.

You won't always know what will show up to support you, but you don't know until you go for it ;)

Put yourself out there.

You will get a detailed questionnaire a few weeks prior to your arrival. 

This will help us understand what you're working on and how this will best serve you as well as giving you clarity on what's most important to you. 

Get ready to take risks, and most of all; 

Change your life. 

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