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the best two weeks of your life

Get Yourself Fired Up

Hop into this two-week challenge and use polarity to build your practices and habits forever. ​

Work Hard 💪

Rest Hard 🛌

Fuel Good 🥕

How we do one thing is how we do everything. Are you feeling a deep pull to reset and reinvigorate your relationship to your fire and your earth? 

The biggest commitment you'll ever make in your life is you. 

Start at any time on this self-paced 14 day program and watch yourself transform;

every breath, every step, every breakthrough. 🔥

Fitness Class


Put some fire under you and learn how to cut your excuses and show up for something big and feel good because of it.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Yoga Nidra

Also defined as yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra has been proven to be powerful for healing, recovery, and overall health. Use the practice of body sensing to improve your mood and hormones.

Healthy Food


Let food become medicine and educate yourself on learning how to be more proactive in your diet and choices. Nourish you and see how full you really feel.

Sage your life. 

14 days

☀️HIIT + Intention Setting
🙏 Meditation
🌙 Yoga Nidra + Deep Rest
🥗 Clean Eating

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. 

Make this your time to make better choices, naturally.

The Commitment

Together...we will do challenging things.

*Please note all classes can be taken in the form of recordings at a different time


6am Daily HIIT + Intention Setting 🔥


9pm Daily Yoga Nidra 🛌


Daily Guidance on Nutrition + Ayurveda 🥬

Daily Meditation Practice 🙏

Three Zoom Coaching Calls led by Wellness Team 🤓

The Team

You are supported at all corners

Ashley Shubert


HIIT + Intention Setting

Ashley is coach, teacher, and female entrepreneur that specializes in helping people find their ultimate potential. She will be leading a mindful version of HIIT during this challenge to help you up level your physical fitness and stay grounded in intention and purpose.

Check out her site here.

Charlotte Munn

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 5.46.43 PM.png

Yoga Nidra

Charlotte is a Yoga Educator of body, brain and spirit solutions for human beings. She is a seasoned facilitator of both the heart and science of Yoga, and blends multi-lineages into a Yoga soup, a balanced recipe of effort and ease.

Check out her site here.

Dori Lancaster



Dori has been working in the field of health and wellness since 1997 and keeps busy as a retreat chef, nutrition educator, and massage therapist.  She is passionate about being of service and empowering her clients to be their own healers on their journey through wellness.

Check out her site here.

Zoom Workshops

Workshop #1:

RESET Challenge Welcome Call:

Being intentional within your life

with Ashley Shubert


Food Psychology 

with Dori Lancaster

Workshop #2:

Mid Challenge Check In +

Rest as Medicine

with Charlotte Munn

Workshop #3:

Challenge Closing +

Meditation As A Tool For Healthy Confrontation 

with Ashley Shubert

Learn More

With a diverse group of wellness perspectives at your service, experience a variety of techniques and formats so you have a tool for every season and challenge in the real world.


We cannot wait to grow with you!

Do I need to attend classes and coaching sessions live every time?

Not at all! You can take classes anytime, at your leisure. Everything is recorded and posted right after so you'll have access in real time!

What if I have injuries that limit my ability to workout in a high impact way?

There will be modifications offered for every exercise and our team is happy to connect with you personally on the side and support you with making this program work for YOU.

What if I miss a day or fall behind?

Stop being so hard on yourself. Organize your time each day so you can prioritize what is important to you and surrender to the rest.

Are classes in person?

Classes and coaching calls are all online so you can do them in the convenience of where you are.

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