Challenge Your Self

self-paced online programs

Self Care Summer

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Make your summer even sweeter by nourishing yourself with three important daily practices: breathwork/meditation 💨, movement 💫, and self care assignments 💐 each day for two whole weeks.


Learn to love yourself deeply and take on the practices that make the most impact on a long term basis. 💘 (this is NOT a self-paced program, it's done live, in community - online + in person)



RESET challenge is a self-paced 14 day experience that includes daily HIIT workouts 💪 with intention setting in each class, Yoga Nidra 🛌 (also known as yogic sleep), and nutrition 🥕 guidance.


These three pillars offer a fully dynamic medicinal opportunity to strengthen, rest, and nourish your body, mind, and soul. Content led by Ashley + other wellness experts. 🔥

Leadership Business Training

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Leadership Business Training is an 8-week group coaching program for wellness professionals to either take business to the next level, or establish where they would like to begin with clarity, confidence, and real tools. 🤓


Topics will include contribution/purpose, emotional intelligence, streamlining, technical set up, marketing, community building, increasing revenue, and personal practice. This program is self-paced and all videos are prerecorded.